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Pricing Policy of Kewal Productions

At Kewal Productions, we understand that each wedding is unique and requires a customised approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We offer a range of wedding packages that are tailored to accommodate the duration of events (EvaT days) and the size of the team required for the events. Our pricing policy ensures flexibility and transparency, allowing clients to have complete control over their budget while receiving the highest quality of service.

  1. Event Days Pricing:

    • Our wedding packages are designed to cover a specific number of Event days, which include pre-wedding events, wedding ceremonies, and post-wedding celebrations.

    • The pricing for Event days will vary based on the duration and complexity of each event, such as Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding Day, Reception, etc.

    • Clients can choose the number of Event days they require for their wedding, and our team will work closely with them to determine the appropriate pricing based on their event schedule.

  1. Team Size Pricing:

    • The size of the team required for the events plays a significant role in determining the overall pricing.

    • Our team consists of experienced professionals, including photographers, videographers, decorators, coordinators, and other support staff, who work together to ensure a seamless wedding experience.

    • The pricing will depend on the number of team members required to cover all the aspects of the events, including capturing moments, managing logistics, and providing assistance throughout the wedding.

    • Clients can choose the desired team size based on their expectations and budget, and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Customised Pricing:

    • Our pricing policy allows for complete customisation, ensuring that clients only pay for the services they need.

    • Clients can add or remove specific services from the package, such as drone coverage, extra photographers, additional hours of coverage, or personalised albums.

    • Any additional services requested will be priced separately, and a transparent breakdown of costs will be provided to the clients before finalising the contract.

    • Here is a example how we calculate our Package fee


             Pricing Example: Traditional Photo & Video Team

              Photographer's Fee (Per Day): 10,000/-INR

              Videographer's Fee (Per Day): 10,000/-INR

              Total Amount (Per Day) for Traditional Photo & Video Team: 20,000/-INR


              Please note that this is just an example to demonstrate how we structure our pricing for traditional photography and videography services. The                          actual pricing may vary based on the specific requirements of the project, the number of team members involved, the location, and any additional                    services or customisation requested by the client.

              We believe in providing personalised solutions to meet our clients' unique needs and deliver exceptional results. Our team is dedicated to ensuring                   a high level of professionalism, creativity, and expertise in every project we undertake.

  1. Consultation and Quotation:

    • To provide an accurate pricing estimate, we encourage clients to schedule a consultation with our team.

    • During the consultation, we will discuss the client's wedding vision, requirements, and preferences.

    • Based on the information gathered, we will create a customised quotation that outlines the pricing details for the chosen EvaT days, team size, and any additional services requested.

All service prices our website are denominated in INR (Indian Rupees) only. We do not accept any other currencies for payment. Any reference to pricing in other currencies is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a valid payment option. Customers are requested to make payments in INR using the available payment methods

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