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Connection, Dedication & Trust

Kewal Production Team holds on years of experience in Nature
& Portraiture to create an entirely unique Genre 
of Wedding photography that infuses 
the raw elements of nature with honest human connection.

After documenting 300+ wedding together 
our team have the knowledge 
to provide couples with the seamless experience
they deserve and the telent to capture
the personalized moments they crave.



Our Story

Let us Rewind the Reel of camera and see our little journey, how we started!
On this day, 15th May 2015, the Foundation was laid for “KEWAL PRODUCTION” by Hitesh Kewalramani.

I, Hitesh Kewalramani, started with small a office, a broken table & hard plastic chair, basic computer, lended power from neighbors, no tube light, just a blinking light of the monitor. Despite all that, I believed in myself and always had a ray of Hope.

In a few days, I got my first video Edit Job and eventually I geared up my hustle towards my vision. I received great appreciation for my first job, which boosted my confidence. Gradually I worked, improved, and unlocked new milestones. I continued doing my work with passion and dedication, eventually the studio name was becoming known among more and more people. “Kewal Production” is now the emerging name of the town.  


With the increasing work load, Looking at the success of the pair, I realized it soon that, "No one can whistle a symphony, it takes a whole orchestra to play it".  Here comes next member, Shivam who assisted me in one shoot. He is really passionate in the field and I saw great potential in him. He has his own unique vibe. He is the most jovial member of the team and no doubt that he is all time favorite among all clients. He is proudly great team player. 

After that, I met with exceptionally well, highly passionate movie maker, Jadu. Viraj assisted me in one Cinematography and Drone shoot job. We didn't realize that how from being the Drone Flyer , he fled with our team . His work has astonished me, even I  could not imagine how far he can go with his imagination. He is one of the best Cinematographer. Apart from his film making skills, he helped me draw bunch of concepts and themes for the wedding shoot.

We now became four likeminded nerds, having our own strengths and skills and yet common desire to do always something new, experiment personalized concepts. At this stage, Kewal Production became the best badge for Wedding Movie making game.

We have more next generation talent joined in our group recently.
Bhaumik, he is the guy you call when you need anything, irrespective on which land or island you are on this earth, he will be there for you. He is into photography so much that despite having Engineering background, he started working in this field from the scratch.

Starting from a small street of Baroda, wandering throughout the nation, we still are working at different parts of India, staying away from home. But one thing is common for all those locations, commitment towards work and camera in one hand. I, Hitesh Kewalramani, am proud of my entire team. We all are the “chosen Family.” We will continue forming a group of like- minded people along the way.


Now that you've had a look around our site, we hope you are feeling our vibes and are ready to get in contact! And if you aren't feeling us, that's ok too. We definitely want you guys to love who you are bringing on this love adventure! We want to make sure you aren't just here price shopping, because we definitely want to invest time in you, so we hope you guys would like to get to know us as well. We want to be able to help you guys fall in love with each other over and over again. If you feel like sharing the nitty gritty with us, lets get this show on the road! We can't wait to hear from you guys! CHEERS!

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